Appetizers and Sides

cheddar and green onion biscuits
crusty bread
grilled asparagus
mexican corn salad
warm potato salad
zucchini fritters


curried cauliflower soup
curried chicken and coconut rice

grilled salmon

mediterranean chickpea salad
mushroom bourguignon
mushroom risotto
mustard roasted fish
orzo stuffed peppers
penne rosa and meatballs
potato pancakes
quinoa salad
quinoa salad II
tomato sauce
tofu noodle stir fry
turkey corn chili

Snacks and Treats

chocolate chip cookies
cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread
kale chips
not-so-key lime pie
peach raspberry pie
roasted garlic hummus
sour cream coffee cake
stovetop popcorn
vinalla bean creme brulee