Hello, I’m Amanda.  The newest inductee into the “mom club”.

I have to admit, being a parent threw me for quite a loop.  I thought that I knew what motherhood would be, but my whole world was turned upside down from the first moment that I held our beautiful baby in my arms.

So, what is a modern mama?

My version of being a modern mama means having both a sense of humour and humility; of not losing my self while navigating the new and scary world of parenthood; of not trying to achieve somebody else’s definition of being a good mom, but creating my own.

Here’s a little back story of my life, thus far:

My husband, Trevor, and I have been together since 2005, married in 2009, and have been figuring out life and love together for a number of years now.


We have two fur babies, Missy and Roxie (our kitty cats), who produce more cat hair than you could ever imagine.


We also have a human baby, Olivia.  Olivia was born in January, 2014 and has been changing and challenging us ever since.  She’s truly the sunshine in our lives and has completed our family in ways that we cannot even express.  She’s also made me question my sanity and realize that I’m turning into my own mom (which really isn’t all that bad).


Welcome to my adventure!