We began our fourth day in Paris with a simple breakfast to go and a train ride into a little town with a giant palace: Versailles.


We watched the Paris suburbs fly past us while listening to all the eager tourists excitedly chatter around us.  Finally, we arrived and walked up the tree-lined streets to the palace. As each step brought us closer the bigger and more imposing the palace became. We started talking about what it would be like to be Marie Antoinette (15 years old and newly married) to see this sight and know that it’s her new home.


After making out way through two security checkpoints and a ticket check, we started our tour of the palace. We soon realized that our visit was going to be shared with about a million tourist groups and that the beautiful, historic rooms were packed with visitors. Because the palace was crowded and hot and we were unable to see many of the details of the rooms because of the amount of people, we decided not to linger.


On our way out of the palace we discovered a Cafe Angelina.  This cafe chain was on our list of “to visit”, so we stopped in for a cup of their famous hot chocolate and some sandwiches for our lunch. We slipped the sandwiches in our bags to enjoy later in the gardens and drank our deliciously rich hot chocolate.


Next we made our way into the gardens. As you step out of the castle, you get the most gorgeous view of the gardens. The sprawling grounds seem to never end; it’s royal land as far as your eye can see  We took a little walk through the gardens before finding a cool, shady bench to enjoy our sandwiches.




After lunch, with Jenn as our tour guide, we wandered down to the canal and then over to the Colonnade Grove. It was a stunning sight and I’m so glad that Jenn discovered it.  From further away, the columns seem to be a creamy grey, but up close they’re actually blue and red marble. It was definitely a sight to be seen.


From there, we starting making our way back up to the palace. We climbed back up the hill and the steps and took a break at the side of the gardens for a view of the organerie.


After having our fill of the royal palace, we walked back to the train station to head back to the city.

We decided to hop off the train at the Musee d’Orsay to pick up a couple items that we spotted in the gift shop a few days before. I bought the cutest little plate and cup for Olivia; unfortunately, the plate didn’t survive the trip home. Guess I’ll just have to take another trip over to pick up another one?

After shopping we headed back on the RER line to the Eiffel Tower as wanted to get a good look at her in the light of day.  We got out of the station and walked through the crowds of tourists and gypsies to marvel, once again, at the giant iron tower. By this point in the afternoon, there were hardly any clouds in the sky and the sun was warm against our bare arms. We wandered around the gardens surrounding the base of the Eiffel Tower, snapping pictures and selfies and taking in the view.


After a little while, hungry for something to fill our tummies, we wandered down le Avenue de la Bourdonnais to the École Militaire. We found a café with a view of the busy intersection and tucked in for an early dinner.  After dinner we were tired from our early morning and busy day and headed back to the hotel on the metro to rest up before our trip to Disneyland Paris the next day.


Check out a couple of our videos from Versailles: