British Airways has the cutest packaging for their meals!

As we walked off the plane in Paris we were equal parts excited and exhausted. Our dream, the one that we had been planning and saving the last year and a half for, was finally being realized. We were in PARIS, celebrating being 30 and fabulous!

At Heathrow Airport

I greeted the French customs officer with a “Bonjour” and “Merci, au revoir” as he stamped the page in my passport. Our vacation had officially begun.

We grabbed our bags, hopped in a cab (ok, not so much a cab but a random guy who ended up charging too much and taking advantage of our exhaustion and Canadian trustworthy-ness), and headed out into the rain towards the heart of the beautiful, historic city.

We checked into our room with ease and were thankful that the hotel had a lift and that we didn’t have to carry our heavy luggage up the two flights of stairs to our room (and free wi-fi).

Sleep was what we wanted but we were vibrating with too much excitement and starved for a warm meal, so we quickly freshened up and walked out onto the Paris streets in search of food and a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

Freshened up and ready to go!

After a little walk, we found a warm and inviting cafe and tucked in for a glass of smooth red wine, a warm croque monsieur, and a fresh green salad. It was exactly what we needed.  Our server was wonderfully friendly and flirty (don’t worry Trev, he definitely had eyes for J only) and put us completely at ease, even with our terrible accents and pronunciation.

With full bellies and feelings little tipsy, we walked a few blocks to the Eiffel tower. As we walked up to it, it was sparkling with lights. Even though we’ve both seen it before, we both were taken aback by her beauty. It’s hard to grasp just how massive it is from pictures; but, once you’re standing at the base looking miles up at the top, you can really feel the magnitude of her size and beauty.

Two beautiful ladies!

After taking a few pictures we walked back to our hotel finally ready for a good night’s sleep in the city of lights.