I absolutely ADORE where we live. Everything that we could ever want or need is right at our doorstep. We feel like we’re part of the community.  We know our neighbours, and enjoy the friendliness and familiarity of our small city. We’re steps away from the water, and can even smell the salty ocean air from our balcony when the breeze is blowing by.

We live in a modest apartment and drive a small, fuel-efficient car. We only own one vehicle and use public transportation, or walk, where possible.  The neighborhood we live in is wonderful; walking-distance to shopping, restaurants and pubs, and beautiful public parks.

So why can I not shake the feeling that we need something more? I feel like we need a bigger vehicle and a home with more room to grow.


But, why can’t our current life be good enough?

It can.  It is.

I need to stop thinking that bigger equals better.

Why would we need a bigger home? The three of us fit comfortably in our apartment. There’s enough room for us to all sit around the table and share a meal, or curl up on a Friday night and watch a movie together. We have our own rooms, and two bathrooms between three people is definitely sufficient.

I’d ideally like more room for entertaining, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. We can host family and friends.  In bigger groups where we eat on our laps, and in smaller groups where we sit around the table. Either way, the conversation flows, and laughter and love fill our home.

Sure it would be nice to have a back yard to play and lounge in.  But our community is our back yard.  We ride our bikes along the path to the beach. We teach Olivia how to run and kick a ball on the grass of the nearby park. We walk to grab an ice cream cone and meet up with friends at a local brewery while our children run and play at our feet.  And not having a big house and back yard to care for also means that we don’t have to clean gutters or mow a lawn. When I ached to once again get my hands dirty in the soil, my husband set up a container garden for us. We have strawberries and herbs growing on our deck that we lovingly water while we teach Olivia about where our food comes from.


I know that not everyone will agree with our choice to live like we do, but there’s a certain lightness and easiness that comes with living this way. We use every single room of our home, every single day. Everything we own has a place and a purpose within our lives. We have the financial freedom to travel, to decorate our home, and to build a great life for our little girl.

We’re living the simple life, and it’s simply wonderful.