I can’t believe that I’ve already completed week 6 in my training!  Only two more weeks to go until I’m finished the program. I’m amazed at how well the program has worked, and how much I’ve enjoyed it. I never thought that I could EVER like to run.

Here’s how this week’s runs went:

Day #1 (run 5 minutes, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5)

I started this week off by running on Monday. I had the day off, and Olivia was in daycare and Trevor was at work.  I had a long list of chores to get through (a million loads of laundry, putting together a capsule wardrobe for myself, cleaning the house, prepping food for dinners, and grocery shopping), and since it was pouring with rain outside, I decided to chip away at my chores while waiting for the rain to let up. Well, it never did let up. But I ran anyway. It was disgusting. I’m not talking about a light sprinkle, but a downpour. I felt like I was running in a shower.

The good news? The run felt great (minus the getting soaked part). I really enjoyed it and even found the walking portions to be really boring. I couldn’t wait to hear the app tell me to “begin running” again.

Ended the run feeling great, and treated myself to a long, hot shower afterwards. Looking forward for the next run.

Day #2 (run 10 minutes, walk 3, run 10)

This day had me dragging. For no particular reason, I came home feeling exhausted and burnt out.

The run ended up being a great way to boost my energy! 

It was also a great run and I even found the walking portion a little boring.

Day #3 (run 22 minutes, no walking)

I needed up running this run the next day after my Day #2 run, which wasn’t ideal. It ended up being a great run though, and I got off work early, which meant that I was able to run, shower, and then cook dinner all before Trevor and Olivia got home. It was a gret way to kick off the long weekend!