Week five in the Couch to 5K program, is the first week were the runs are different for each of the three days.

Days one and two looked do-able, but day three called for me to run for 20 minutes straight, with no walking whatsoever. WHAT?? I thought that there was no way that I was ready to tackle this challenge.  But, armed with the confidence in the program, and myself, I decided to not worry too much about it, and know that it would likely be fine.

Day #1 (Run for 5 minutes, walk for 3, run for 5, walk for 3, run for 5)

Great run, the run parts felt great, and I didn’t feel like I was dying for a break by the end of the 5-minute stretches.

Day #2 (Run for 8 minutes, walk for 5, run for 8)

I’m AMAZED that I was able to continue the running during our vacation. I packed my running gear and actually looked forward to running somewhere different. It made the run more fun, and I didn’t even notice the increase in running time.

Day #3 (Run for 20 minutes, no walking)

Ok, the big day was here. I was still on vacation, it was raining, and my head was foggy from drinking so. much. wine. the night before. I had all the excuses in the world NOT to run, but I didn’t let anything stop me. I just did it, and you know what? IT. WAS. EASY. I was honestly blown away. I was blown away at how far I’ve come, how strong my body is (like having a baby naturally wasn’t enough?!), and that I actually enjoy running.

Week 6? BRING IT!