Guess what?!? I haven’t given up on running yet!

And you know what else? I’m actually STILL enjoying it! It’s strange how when I start jogging, my body just feels right.

Week three of the program is three days of the following run pattern:

Brisk five-minute warm-up walk, then do two repetitions of:
jog 90 seconds / walk 90 seconds / jog 3 minutes / walk 3 minutes

Day #1:

I was REALLY nervous about this week. When I saw that I had to jog for three minutes TWICE, I honestly didn’t know that I would be able to do it.  But, just like I thought I wasn’t ready for week two, I decided to try week three, and just re-do week two if I couldn’t handle it.

Well, I loved this run. The three minutes went by so quickly and I actually found myself wanting to run LONGER during the 90-second jog.  I didn’t run longer though, as I want to stick to the program as best as I can.

After running the three minute stretches, I was definitely aching for a walking break, but I was able to do each without stopping, so that’s a win!  I thought I would for sure get a runner’s stitch, but I never did – YAY!

This was my best run to date. I had a nice, long stretch when I got home, and I wasn’t sore at all the next day.  Woo hoo!

Day #2:

Great run! Found it easy and felt great afterwards! 

Day #3:

This run was HARD! I had just eaten dinner (bad idea) and it was 30+ degrees outside.

I felt like I was dragging.  BUT I didn’t give up, I kept running. I dug deep when I needed to, and got it done. It felt great when it was all over! 

Onto Week 4!