Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a new mom?  What her day would be like; what would fill the hours?  Me too!  In fact, I’ve had a couple people ask me “What do you do all day?”; heck, I’ve even asked myself this question.  So, I decided to keep a journal of one day to see what a day in the life looks like.  So, here is what my March 21, 2014 contained:

2:30 am

Hear that baby is awake on the baby monitor.  Crawl out of bed, go to the washroom and then warm bottle.  Go into Olivia’s room and start changing her.  As I’m changing her, she decides to poop all over herself and the change pad.  Clean up babe and then call in Dad for reinforcement to start feeding the hungry babe while I clean up.  Clean up and then take over feeding duty and send Dad back to bed.  Put sleepy baby back in her crib.

3:00 am

While baby is back asleep in her crib, I walk into the kitchen to pump as I feel like my chest is about to explode.  Pump enough for 2 1/2 bottles.  Put pumped milk in fridge and crawl into bed at 3:30 am.

6:30 am

Baby wakes up.  Warm bottle.  Change her.  Feed her.  Put her back in her crib.  Crawl back into bed at 7 am and drift in and out of sleep.

8:30 am

Hear baby on monitor.  Determine that she’s just grunting in her sleep and is not yet awake.  Go back to sleep.

9:30 am

Baby fully awake now and “talking” to herself in her crib.  Warm bottle.  Change her.  Feed her.

10:00 am

Lay full, happy baby on a blanket in the living room.  Supervise from kitchen while making my breakfast.  Sit on the floor with the babe, playing with and singing to her while eating my breakfast.

photo 1-5

10:30 am

Baby is still happily laying on the floor.  Grab pump from kitchen and pump enough for 2 more bottles while still playing with and singing to babe.

11:00 am

Notice that babe is starting to get sleepy.  Lay her in her bouncy seat in the living room and let her sleep.

While baby is sleeping I:

  • take a call from and talk to Grandma S on the phone;
  • call Hubby at work;
  • have a second cup of coffee;
  • finish writing and addressing thank-you cards for recent baby shower;
  • text back and fourth with girlfriend about meeting up tomorrow;
  • put on a load of laundry;
  • fold laundry that is still in the drier from a couple days ago;
  • make bed;
  • decide not to shower because a) I showered yesterday and my hair still smells like shampoo and b) it feels like it would take too much energy.  Instead I wash my face, brush my teeth, put my hair in a ponytail, and put on some clean(ish) clothes;
  • realize that the only clean(ish) pants I have are maternity leggings.  Decide I don’t care and wear them with pride.
  • wash the dirty dishes sitting on the kitchen counter;
  • move first load of laundry to the drier and put on second load of laundry;
  • sit in living room with the babe while watching HGTV and start writing this blog post;
  • browse Facebook and Pinterest;
  • think about waking baby up from her extended nap, but decide that sleep is good for her development and enjoy some more “me time” while browsing the IKEA website;
  • determine that the babe could now wake at any second so I should probably eat some lunch while I still have the chance;
  • heat up leftover stir fry for lunch.  As soon as I start eating, Olivia wakes up (of course);

1:30 pm

Scarf down the rest of my lunch.  Warm bottle.  Change babe.  Feed babe.

2:00 pm

As I’m burping Olivia after she has finished eating, I notice that she’s been “filling her pants” quite a bit.  After she’s finished I take her back into her room to change her diaper (and her outfit…).  After she’s clean and changed, I lay her in her crib for a second while I move the dry laundry to the bedroom to be folded and switch the second load of laundry to the drier.  I then grab Olivia and take her into my bedroom to lay on the bed while I fold the laundry.

2:30 pm

After the laundry is folded and put away, we head out to the living room for some more play time.

photo 2-5

2:45 pm

Tummy time.

2:47 pm

Olivia crying in protest of tummy time.  Stop tummy time and cuddle babe.

2:50 pm

Decide that it’s too nice out to stay in the house.  Bundle both of us up, put Olivia in the stroller and head outside.  Immediately regret not showering and the fact that I’m wearing maternity pants.

photo 3-4

3:04 pm

Baby is fast asleep in the stroller.  While out we visit the bank, the liquor store (mama needs a bottle of wine), take the long way home, walk around the neighbourhood, grab an apple juice, and then head home as Olivia starts waking.

3:45 pm

Back home we un-bundle.  Warm bottle.  Change and  feed Olivia.  Cuddle after feeding.

4:30 pm

Pump two bottles while playing with and singing to Olivia on the living room floor.

4:45 pm

Realize that Olivia has spent a lot of time on her back today and put her in the Moby wrap for some baby-wearing snuggles.  Continue writing this blog post while sleeping babe snuggles my chest.

5:00 pm

Realize that a cat puked on the floor while we were out for our afternoon walk.  Attempt to clean up without dumping baby out of the wrap.  Clean up: successful.

5:16 pm


5:17 pm

Start getting ready to go out.  We’re going out for dinner, picking up a car seat that we ordered a couple weeks ago, and buying some more bottles so I don’t have to do dishes as often.  Wish us luck.

5:20 pm

Out the door.
Head to IKEA for dinner (don’t judge, their meatballs are tasty and affordable).  Feed and change babe after we’re done eating our dinner.  Spill breast milk inside my Coach purse.  Awesome.  Wander around marketplace for a bit.
Drive to Baby’s World and pick up new car seat.
Drive to Babies R Us and pick up some more bottles.
Drive home

8:00 pm

Arrive home.  Unpack the car.  Pump enough milk for one more bottle, wash dishes, tidy up, and continue writing blog post while Dad changes, feeds, and puts Olivia to bed.

8:40 pm

Baby still not asleep (poor Dad).  Realize that the litter box needs to be cleaned.  Clean litter box and take garbage down to dumpster.

9:00 pm

Baby asleep.  Mom and Dad in bed watching House of Cards (fantastic show).

10:30 pm

TV off.  Lights out.  Goodnight.


It’s unusual for Olivia to sleep for so long in the morning.  She’ll usually only be asleep for 30 mins to 1 hour.  I’m guessing that she was still a little sleepy from her 2-month vaccinations that she had the day before.

After falling asleep at 9:00 pm, Olivia slept until 5:45 am – it was glorious!!

I fully realize that we have a “good” baby and we thank our lucky stars each day for such a happy, healthy, and good-natured babe.