Everybody says that once you have a baby, time goes by way too quickly.  For me, this rings true to pregnancy too.  I can’t believe we’re at 38 weeks already.  Our babe could come any day.  I only have 2-4 weeks of pregnancy left.  It feels like just yesterday that we found out that we were expecting.  Where does the time go!?


Ah, the belly.  It’s large and in the way.  It’s definitely gotten a lot bigger, and it feels like there’s hardly any more room for the babe to grow any bigger.  My belly button still hasn’t popped (yay!) so I’m hoping that it doesn’t at all!

I had an ultrasound done a few weeks ago to make sure that the babe was healthy and growing since I was measuring quite small.  The ultrasound confirmed that we’ve got a healthy little babe cooking away (thank goodness!).  I’m still measuring small (I measured 36 weeks at my 38 week appointment), but as long as our little peanut is healthy the growing, I’m not concerned – and neither is my Dr.


Ah, sleep.  How I miss thee.  I think it’s a cruel joke that Mother Nature takes away precious sleep from pregnant ladies in their last few weeks before the arrival of their precious bundles of joy.  All I want to do is soak up as much sleep as possible, but for some reason I find that I’ll often be up in the middle of the night for a few hours.  Sometimes I have a hard time getting comfortable in bed due to my large belly, but it’s mostly just insomnia that I’m suffering from.  Guess I better get used to this whole not sleeping thing now…I have a feeling that there will be many, many sleepless nights in my future.

Over the past week I’ve also really noticed a decrease in my energy levels.  I feel like a bump on a log most of the time.  Thank goodness I’m not working and am able to take an afternoon nap, if needed, but a lot of the time I’m tired, but not necessarily sleepy.   I still have days where I’ve got good energy levels though, so I try to take advantage of those days by getting out of the house and getting active – they do say that walking helps baby come!


The nursery is ready to go.  Our hospital bags are packed.  I’ve cooked and frozen some meals for our early days of parenthood.  Baby’s clothes are all washed and ready for wearing.  We’ve purchased, borrowed, or have been gifted all the “baby gear” that we’ll need.

So we’re prepared, right?

Wrong. We know that we really have no idea what to expect.  How can you prepare for labour, birth, and caring for a tiny infant when it’s all completely new to you?  You can’t.  So, we’re putting it out of our minds.  We’re trying not to worry about the unknown, but it’s hard.  We think we’re ready, but we totally know that we’re not, and won’t ever be.  It’s okay though, as I’m sure that all new parents are in the same boat as us.  Our motto is “we’ll take it as it comes”.


Truthfully, as much as I’m excited to meet our babe (and finally find out the gender!), I’m also feeling really sad that my pregnancy journey is almost over.  I’ve LOVED each and every second of having our little peanut grow inside of me.  It’s been such a blessing to feel the kicks and jabs; to know that I’m creating a life.  Sure, there are annoying things about pregnancy (sore ribs, difficulty breathing, heartburn, insomnia, etc.), but I’m happy to experience all the good AND the bad.  As much as I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one, I’m trying to really enjoy my last days/weeks of being pregnant as it truly is such a great gift.