Here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend.  As you can imagine, it was a weekend full of friends, family, and food.

This year I also took some quiet moments to reflect on some of the things I’m thankful for:

My husband.  He’s been more supportive and caring these past couple months than I could have ever hoped for.  He’s been the voice of reason and calm when I’ve needed it most.  I can’t believe how much I’ve been relying on him lately, and he’s definitely stepped up to the challenge.  He’s amazing and I’m not sure what I would do without him in my life.


My family.  I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such supportive and loving family members.   Thanks especially to my Mom, who always has time to listen to my rants thoughts.

My friends.  I have some of the best friends in the world.  They’re always looking out for me, and always there to listen and offer advice when it’s needed.  I’m also thankful for my strength and ability to recognize when a friendship has run its course, and to let it go.

My kitties.  Thank you for laying in my belly to protect the baby; I’m sorry when the babe kicks you.  Thank you for always being there for a snuggle when I need it and for filling our home with craziness and warmth.


Our babe.  Words cannot describe just how thankful I am that every day our sweet little babe is growing bigger and stronger.  I’m thankful for all the kicks, jabs, and somersaults that I get to feel each day.

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