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baby W is not happy that the Canucks lost last night

With only 15 weeks and 5 days left until my due date, the fact that I’m having a baby is becoming more and more real to me.  My last day of work (if everything goes according to plan) will be 10 weeks from now (!).  I’m really looking forward to having some time off to enjoy Christmas and get everything ready for baby’s arrival.


It’s growing, big time.  Hubby tells everybody that I’m “really showing now” and he’s really excited that I’m getting bigger because that, obviously, means the baby is getting bigger and soon we’ll be able to meet him/her.

I’m also having a harder and harder time taking off my boots and I keep mis-judging the size of my belly and knock it into desks and counters and hit it with washroom stall doors.  Sorry baby, I’m just still not used to being this big!


This week’s gender predictions (from co-workers) have been a girl because my belly is sitting low and a boy because I haven’t gained any weight in my face.

I also did the Chinese Gender Predication Chart and the Mayan Gender Test and BOTH predicted that our babe was a boy.


I’ve been having crazy dreams lately in which the baby is here, but I keep forgetting to feed and change him (it’s usually a boy in my dreams).  Or I leave him at home by himself while I go out and run errands / do fun things with Hubby.  It’s alarming, and always scares me a little bit.


I’m still feeling great, although a little more tired than I’m normally used to.  I’m really not being hard on myself about it though.  Lately, I’ve been going for lots of walks in the cool, crisp fall air and going to bed nice and early.  I am growing a human, after all.  I should expect to be tired, right?

It also helps that I’m still sleeping well.  Sure, I basically have to constantly go to the washroom, however, my head hits the pillow in the evenings and I’m out like a light, and sleep soundly through the night.  I’m scared that, as I’m slowly approaching the third trimester, I’ll start losing some hours of awesome sleep.  We’ll see what the future brings!


I’m still not really craving anything.  Although, my latest obsession has been egg salad sandwiches (homemade, obviously).  I’m also really into making nice, family weekend dinners because I’ve been craving comfort foods – that just may be the recent change in the weather though.