20 weeks down, 20 (ish) weeks to go!  I can’t believe that my pregnancy is already half over.  It actually kind of makes me sad.  I’m really LOVING being pregnant.  Sure, there are some mild annoyances (food restrictions, constantly going to the washroom, always being the designated driver, etc.), but for the most part, I really love being pregnant.  Maybe talk to me in December/January and see if I’m still loving it…my feelings might change the more pregnant I get.

Here are some updates from baby land:


My belly is growing.  Hubby assures me that I (finally) look pregnant, not fat.  I even had a stranger ask me “when my baby was due” the other day, so it must be looking more and more like a baby bump, rather than just a food baby.  At my maternity appointment yesterday I had my first “belly measurement” and I’m at 18 centimeters – right on track!


We had the “big” ultrasound last week.  It was a really long appointment and we finally got to take a peek and see what our tiny little babe looks like.  It was one of the most magical moments of my life to see our little peanut moving around on the screen.  We got to see him/her moving, swallowing, and even sucking his/her thumb!  Such a neat experience.

Fortunately/unfortunately I have to go back for TWO MORE ultrasounds.  Another one this month to get a better view of the baby’s heart (it was moving around too much to get a good shot) and then yet another one next month as the baby’s kidney’s were at the high end of normal.  They expect that everything is okay, but they just want to make absolutely sure.  They told me not to worry, so I’m trying my best not to.


I’m feeling more and more baby movement lately!  Sometimes it’s just little flutters felt from the inside, and sometimes I (and even Hubby!) can feel little kicks and jabs from the outside of my belly.  It’s neat to finally feel the baby from the outside – and to share that experience with Hubby.  During the ultrasound the baby was moving around A LOT.  Seems that we’ve got a pretty active little peanut already!


I’m still having major fruit cravings (I’m eating a nectarine while typing this post), but I’ve also recently discovered a favourite sandwich from Subway (meatless, of course) filled with cheese, lots of veggies, and ranch dressing.  I’ve had this twice in the last week and could eat another one right now.  Judge not.  I still haven’t really gained any weight since my last doctor’s appointment (4 weeks ago), so I just make sure to eat when I/baby is hungry and make healthy choices most of the time and I think I’ll be fine.  I’m really trying to not use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever/whenever I want.

BabyWelsh xoxo