We were fortunate to spend our third wedding anniversary in Italy.  We awoke in our room in Venice so sad to leave, but so excited to visit the last stop of our vacation: Rome.

We showered, packed, checked-out, and grabbed the vaperetto to the train station.  We lugged our luggage up the steps, and turned around to get one last glimpse of the beautiful city.  I can honestly say that our hearts were a little heavy, as we didn't know when we'd return to this magical place again.

Once we were on the train, we snuggled into our seats and were ready for our few hours' journey to the eternal city.  Just before the train left the station, another couple asked us if we would mind if they sat with us – being the nice Canadians that we are, we said that we'd be more than happy to share with them.  Actually, as it turned out, they were also from Canada.  We shared some prosecco with them, and talked the whole time until they disembarked in Florence.  They were very entertaining and made our train ride a little more fun.

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