Our third day in Germany was a nice, relaxing one. In the morning, we drove out, and hiked to, an old, nearby ruin. It was really neat, as there was an old tower (complete with a spiral staircase) that you could climb up and get a fantastic view of the black forest. It was pretty neat – and also really neat to be able to do something that my Oma used to do when she was a little girl.

After hiking back down to the car, I was getting a little hangry, so my family decided that we should head into Kandern for some lunch. Hubby, my mom, and brother all ordered schnitzel, but Oma and I went for the spaetzle. The one that we ordered was mixed with cheese and onions. "It's the German version of macaroni and cheese", I proclaimed. It was amazing; so much so that I think I'll have to make another batch of spaetzle and experiment with adding some cheese this time.

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