It's no secret that I'm kind of obsessed with food.  It's a thing for me; comforting, simple, and stable.  It's always there for me whether I've had a bad day or when I feel like celebrating, it's just always around.  You know what goes really well with food?  Family.  Hubby's family is filled with foodies (mine is too, but we're talking about the in-laws today); his mom is a great cook and always a source for inspiration for me (her Christmas brunches are to die for), my sister-in-law in kind of famous over in her little corner of the internets with her amazing blog, and my cousin-in-law (is that even a thing?) always astounds me with how easy cooking is to her, and how she really embodies the term "foodie" (in a good way, of course).

drinking wine – waiting for my cousin-in-law to arrive in Paris

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