This past week was one of the most stressful weeks of my life.  Here's a recap:

Last Sunday evening we put an offer in on a new condo, which was accepted.
On Monday we officially sold our condo.
All week we worked furiously (on top of our already busy full-time jobs) to secure financing, arrange inspections, and read stacks upon stacks of documents for our new condo.
On Friday we had confirmation that we were 100% buying the new condo.
With all this craziness going on, Hubby and I were also hosting a dinner for some of our close friends on Saturday night.  Dessert is always my downfall.  I'm more comfortable cooking than I am baking.  I like to freestyle my measurements, rather than measure them out perfectly.  Dessert and I are not always friends.  I had originally thought of making meringues with fruit for dessert, but those thoughts were squashed when my mom bought me a cookbook called "Creme Brulee".  I admit that I was a little extremely intimidated by the thought of making creme brulee from scratch.  But after the week that I had just conquered, I felt like I could tackle anything.  And I did.

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