Most of the time I feel like I'm 19 years-old.  I don't feel like a married woman working in career; I feel like a young girl fresh out of high school – which I guess I still kind of am, in some respects.  Lately, though, I've felt much older.

Remember my baby brain?  Well, it hasn't gone away – not even close to going away, actually.  So, Hubby and I decided to take a look at our finances and make sure that we'll be financially ready for a little one in a few year's time.  After meeting with our financial advisor (how grown up does that sound?),  we discovered that we are.  Actually, we could have one now and we'd be okay.  Man, that was a HUGE weight lifted off of our shoulders. 

After we were done at the bank and got into the car, Hubby and I both had huge smiles on our faces.  We couldn't stop grinning about the fact that our hopes and dreams were finally coming true:  Hubby recently got a new job (one that he has been wanting for a number of years now), we realized that we will likely be able to afford a town home when we sell our condo in a few years, and I'm (hopefully) going to be getting promoted this summer once I finish my schooling.  Three words:  life is good.

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