All relationships have their own rhythm, and with this comes the inevitable ebbs and flows.  Hubby and I, like all other couples, have our own routine and our own way of interacting with each other.  Sometimes we're on our game; our communication is air tight, we don't snap at each other, and we're just generally kicking butt together. Other times, we're just off. I can't really explain it, but it's just like for that brief period of time, we're not in sync; we're in an ebb.

I know a girl who insists that she and her significant other never fight. I don't buy it. Not for a second. ALL healthy relationships have peaks and valleys. I get it though, there is a certain amount of pressure to have the "perfect" relationship. You want everybody to think that you're rock solid, and that nothing could ever happen to your twosome. It's not reality though.  Hubby and I aren't perfect and neither is our marriage. We both have moments where we aren't being the best spouse that we can be.  However, we can't look to the relationships of others to gauge our own; what works for one couple probably won't work us.

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