I love spring.  Okay, I know it's technically still winter, but in my mind spring has already sprung (even despite the white stuff on the ground) and what better way to celebrate spring than some good old spring cleaning?  This year, one of the projects on my spring cleaning checklist was the bookshelf in our sunroom/office.  I believe that each family has that one place in their house that is the "crap place"; the place where things get hastily shoved into when guests are coming over.  The place where you throw your school books and binders once the semester is over because you never want to look at them again.  We've got one, and I bet you do too.  Ours is the bookcase in our sunroom.  Ohhh, let me tell you, this bookcase was sooooo full of crap.  I think I made three trips down to the recycling bin.  It was full of stuff, however, now it looks so much better – thank goodness!

I knew that I would feel a lot better once I cleaned and organized this space, but I didn't expect that I would find a treasure.

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